luni, 8 aprilie 2013




1. Yourself? Stubborn.

2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend? Incredible. >:)

3. Your hair? Curly.

4. Your mother? Intelligent.

5. Your father? Incomparable.

6. Your favorite item? None.

7. Your dream last night? Longer.

8. Your favorite drink? schweppes, Nestea.

9. Your dream car? A8.

10. The room you’re in? Bedroom.

11. Your ex? Cute.

12. Your fear? Loneliness, death.

13. What you want to be in 10 years? Doctor of something.

14. Who you hung out with last night? Nobody.

15. What You’re Not? Perfect.

16. One of Your Wish List Items? wings :)):">.

17. Time? Precious.

18. The Last Thing You Did? Watching TV.

19. What You Are Wearing? T-shirt.

20. Your Favorite Weather? Sunny.

21. Your Favorite Book? Soni.

22. The Last Thing You Ate? Apple.

23. Your Life? Great.

24. Your Mood? Bored.

25. Your body? body.

26. What are you thinking about right now? next answer.

27. Your car? Soon:)).

28. What are you doing at the moment? Writing.

29. Your summer? Fabulous.

30. What color are your underwear? Green.

31. What is the weather like? Cold.

32. When is the last time you laughed? Today.

33. What is on your tv? Disney Channel.